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Brittney's Tale

Brittney’s Present

Martin hunched over the bar, poring over a lifetime’s puzzle; an untouched pint and a recently lit cigarette perched on an oversize ashtray were his only companions. As he lifted his hand to write the skin on his arm adhered slightly to the tacky wooden surface and he sighed; did they ever clean this place? There was little point complaining, if he did water would be sloshed across the surface and he’d be unable to continue the completion of the matrix. Brittney constantly played on his mind.

M _ _ _ I _

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The Lost Friend

markThis is a gentle tale, written for a specific audience, very few of whom would visit this website. However, you may enjoy it, mixing the odd tear with a few smiles is never a bad thing! It's written under my nom de plume.

The Lost Friend
Mary usually loved the walk from her home into the village; but it was winter. She would first have to pass down the twisting, overgrown lane; known to everyone as the slalom at this time of year. The lane itself was a wonder; oceans of bluebells would appear in spring, the huge oaks would provide shade and a cool respite in summer and by autumn the fallen leaves would redden the roadway, becoming dangerously slippery until they were cleared. Slalom Lane would provide an ice slide for the local children through parts of the winter but today was a bright, dry and windy December day; the trees providing shelter from the Easterlies and keeping away the ice. As Mary strode down the lane this morning it was a cosy wooden tunnel; for the last week it had been at its most unpleasant and been impassable to all but the most hardened rambler.

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Malaysia - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Thimarks is a true story, but I have switched the tale and written it from my wife’s point of view, as I felt this may appeal more to female  readers. As it is written from a woman's angle I use a nom de plume, Anya Kidd, which derives from both my wife’s family name and a friend I haven't seen for a while from Germany.

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