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History of Hadrian’s Wall

A Brief History of Hadrian’s Wall

markThe Roman’s first invaded Britain in 55 & 54BC but they were unsuccessful. It was nearly a hundred years later that the Emperor Claudius, who wanted a conquest to make him look good, invaded again in 43AD. This time the Romans quickly took control and secured the resources they had coveted Britain for; gold, tin, wool & cloth, dogs, pots, food and slaves.  They weren’t too bothered about the far north, the area which is now Scotland and realised it would be very expensive to try to conquer that as well. In 122AD, Emperor Hadrian visited and they started building a wall across the country from East to West, roughly from Newcastle to Carlisle.

The wall was finished relatively quickly, in about six years, and remained in continual use until nearly 410AD, when the Romans left Britain. There was a period of twenty years when another wall was built to the north of Hadrian’s Wall but this was unsuccessful and was abandoned after twenty years. There were changes to the design in its construction, but because of the short building period these have been ignored in the information below, as they were simply adjustments to the architect’s drawing, not a second process.