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August 2009

markThe Phoenix!

Welcome to this my new approach to communicating with my friends and family. For the first two issues or so, I'll send out an email containing my regular diary, but there will come a time when that will end and this will be the sole source of the tedious revelations that I subject you to. There are obvious additions to the mailing list, primarily my friends who left Suzhou last year, and these lovely people will undoubtedly be confused as to what I'm writing about!

Obviously there are issues that have been communicated in previous diaries that have been of a nature that one would not wish to outline on a website that is open to the public. No worries; if I decide to write about those types of things I'll revert to email.

Having lost all sense of reality as well as my memory, I have no idea now whether I sent out the eighth part of Suzhou's Prodigal Sun in the early days of July, and therefore I also have no idea who knows, or doesn't know, what has gone on in the months since our trip to Vietnam.

To put it in as concise manner as possible I resigned from my job at SSIS. The reasons for doing so were that I disagreed with the way the school was being managed and the resulting impact on the pastoral and academic aspects of the school. Andrea continues with the school and has thus become our main breadwinner, whilst my job is to put the resultant offerings into the toaster.