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March 2011

Christchurch, earthquake, 2011"The Blues" – Since 1875

First a message to all those who are in or have friends and relatives in either Japan or New Zealand at the moment; our thoughts are with you.

As it is less than 48 hours since the Japanese ‘quake we’re unsure of all the problems right now and can only hope they’ll be as minimal as possible. The footage of the tsunami hitting around Sendai has been truly horrific.

Japan, Sendai, earthquake, tsunamiAs for New Zealand let us hope that rebuilding goes on a pace and that people are able to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible. For a long time Christchurch has been regarded as one of the safer New Zealand cities and the damage done must now force a re-think as regards not only building codes but also the structural assessment of older buildings.

If the Japanese earthquake had its epicentre in Toyo or in Christchurch we would be looking at an extremely bleak situation in either country. The rest of us should remember the earthquakes can occur at any time and in any place, they are simply more likely near plate boundaries, and that the majority of urban centres in this world are far less prepared that Tokyo or even Christchurch.

It is hard to comprehend the scale of the tsunami that swept through Sendai and impossible to imagine the misery inflicted on its inhabitants. We can only wait now, wait until we are told what we can do.

I haven’t credited these two photos; people from Japan and New Zealand have turned en masse to the internet and images have poured out. I just hope that the two respective photographers are safe and their friends and families also.

On so: on to lighter and more personal moments.