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A Sad Personal History!

markHaving been born and brought up in Birmingham, England, from 1958, it took some adjusting to attain international spiritual enlightenment! The apprenticeship was achieved by spells at school in Moseley, the University of Leeds, learning my trade in the travel industry at Horizon Holidays and then moving to the "big smoke".

Five further years in management roles finally culminated in a somewhat irritating exit from the travel business when the two companies I was running were brought down by ill-educated, vainglorious and rapacious financial types!

Re-training as a teacher, at Canterbury, led to spells in schools in Kent and Lincolnshire, specialising in Humanities subjects and special needs. A decade in the English education system is probably enough for anyone and the thirteen years spent in the travel industry had resulted in decidedly itchy feet.

Having treated the athlete's foot my next step was Tanzania, where I commenced international teaching, spending two years in Moshi, where I had the good fortune to meet my wife, Andrea, and a various assortment of other wildlife! After a year back in England, in a school in South Yorkshire, my life was reorganised, and it was time for the pair of us to head for China, hauling up in Suzhou. After six years teaching in China, we moved on, and for three years were in Qatar, working at the International School of London.

Now a new job and new country have lured us away from our Middle Eastern experience; we have moved to Dhaka in Bangladesh and are very excited to be working at the International School of Dhaka. Andrea will be teaching English while I will deliver Humanities and Economics.

I'm writing a series of novels on Chinese history; a grandiose sweeping project of which I have now completed the first two sections. The writing of the third section will commence shortly, now I have more space to think, which will give me a trilogy to present to the literary agents, a species that will end up fighting for the rights to party with my material fairly soon!

A big thank you to my family, my colleagues, my friends and particularly to Andrea; they have all contributed to make my life a rather wonderful and sometimes mysterious journey!