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Mark Whitworth and Andrea KiddThe world changes.

After some eight years of maintaining this website, albeit to a much lower standard in the last four, I am forced to close down much of its content. Admittedly there had been articles I had previously suppressed, or self-censored, as I did not deem them suitable for school students, but now it seems, as teachers, we are expected to go further. I have not been targeted specifically, there has been a general warning about online content. Whilst the content of this website has been extremely clean, there is no denying there has been the odd photo of individuals holding a beer or two; this is apparently unacceptable.

I have left on a little content, some of the links can be found below and others at this host page for my school type articles, but all the personal stuff has gone, including the diaries and photos. Please contact me if you find I have missed the odd thing and I will withdraw it immediately.

It is obviously disappointing to find myself in this position, but I am understanding of the situation all international schools are finding themselves in, and am willing, if not happy, to comply.

One day the website will come back...MARK MY WORDS!

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